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Halloween promos

Spent this week working on some promos for Fox Sports 1. Was really fun to watch the special fx hair/makeup stuff come together.

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

Chevy, Larry, Paul and some other dudes (I forget) playing all your favorite jingles and tv theme songs from the 70’s & 80’s! The Lexington #DTLA

The Soup Episode 500

We did two live shows tonight (east coast & west coast) to celebrate the 500th episode. Adam Carolla was the ‘Social Media Correspondent,’ and Lou Diamond Phillips enjoyed his 132lb prosthetic scrotum a little too much, if you ask me.  Fun times.

Northern India

Walked straight into the Naga Puja at Brother’s new place after 36 hours or so of travel to get there. This is where they bury some sacred relics, texts, etc, in order to bless the new building.  Young monks doing the heavy lifting.

KE$HA Spoof

Our director, Paul, had no voice, but I thought Kelly did a great job as Ke$ha. Jonah, on the other hand…

Robot Chicken!

This has to be one of my favorite Robot Chicken bits ever. I still wet myself a little every time I watch it.